State of Fashion is an international fashion platform that connects pioneers in fashion design, research and business, and shares their ideas and innovations with the world. We stand for critical reflection on common positions and models in the fashion industry. With a biennale, discussion programs, labs for design research, exhibitions and publications, we bring visionary ideas from the Netherlands and abroad together. Together with designers, companies, scientists, educators, consumers and other stakeholders in fashion, we actively explore an urgently needed new fashion system.

State of Fashion explicitly connects fashion to the social issues and to challenges of our time: inclusivity and fair practice, the impact of globalization, and the climate crisis. How can fashion contribute to a solution to these problems and to a better world? We examine how the fashion behavior of people worldwide can bring about change, in such a way that fashion plays a meaningful, positive role in the lives of all people, anywhere in the world, whether you are a fashion designer, a textile worker, a retailer or a citizen in a shopping street.


State of Fashion takes place in Arnhem and builds on the Arnhem Fashion Biennale (2005 - 2013) and is embedded in the rich fashion structure of Arnhem under the name Mode Partners 025*. Mode Partners 025 plays a critical, investigative and creative role within the region 025, within the Netherlands and internationally on the major sustainability challenges in the fashion and textile industry. Mode Partners 025 has direct access to (inter)national experiment and research, knowledge and education, design, material and raw material development. It seeks to connect fashion, social issues and the public. The illustrious fashion history of Arnhem, the sustainable ambitions of the city and the green surroundings support this power of imagination and the value of creating.

State of Fashion is structurally supported by the Municipality of Arnhem and the Province of Gelderland. State of Fashion is included in the national basic infrastructure of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Science.

State of Fashion was formerly part of Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. As of June 1, 2023, both organizations have continued independently. Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation is the legal predecessor and statutory change to State of Fashion Foundation. A new foundation has been established for Sonsbeek.

* Modepartners 025 is a cooperation of Museum Arnhem, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Rijn IJssel Creatieve Industrie, State of Fashion and Fashion & Design Festival Arnhem.

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Iris Ruisch, director
Raymond de Haas, controller
Astrid Ubbink, office manager & project coordinator  
Renee van der Hoek, project lead Programme
Aimy Eyzenbach, project lead Communication
Sem Bartels, administration & Office


José Teunissen (chairman)
Marco Grob
Renate Litjens


Until June 1, 2023, State of Fashion was part of the Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. The annual reports below therefore concern the Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation. Since June 1, 2023, State of Fashion has continued independently as the State of Fashion Foundation.

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2018

Policy plan Sonsbeek & State of Fashion Foundation 2019 - 2020

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2022


State of Fashion
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PORTAL 002 (2018), Elisa van Joolen with Anouk Beckers and Marina Sasseron. Supported by Warehouse.