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First STOF Instagram takeover by Lilian van Daal

Time for instagram takeovers by designers who where part of State of Fashion 2018 | searching for the new luxury. Get a look behind the scenes in the daily life of a designer. We offer you some inspiration and to show you how sustainability is implemented in design and fashion.

Our first designer is Lilian van Daal and she will take over our Instagram the next coming days until 22th of May.

As a designer, Lilian bridges the natural and the artificial - or designed – world in her work. She experiments with innovative technologies and materials in order to meticulously mimic nature. With the resulting objects she aspires to reveal nature’s rich library of solutions. The emphasis is on the imitation and adjustment of structures to optimize production methods in a sustainable way.

During STOF2018, Lilian was part of the project ‘The Future of Living Materials’ of ArtEZ University of Arts and Wageningen University. This project investigates and develops new ‘living’ materials for the transition to a sustainable fashion system and circular economy. She worked together with Aniela Hoitink, who developed MycoTex: a textile made from Mycelium. In this project, they’ve tried to grow this mycelium in a mould with auxetic structures to create a non-woven bio textile. Their goal was to grow a 3D-textile that could fit perfectly around a human body.

Can you tell us something about your current projects?

In all my projects Biomimicry plays a crucial role. Biomimicry is an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. And the possibilities are endless. For example, for developing new materials and textiles for the fashion industry.

My latest project Radiolaria #1 is a new concept for soft-seating inspired by nature’s laws. The 3D printed structures possess all functionalities: flexibility, stability, adaptability and firmness, for the foundation of a chair. It offers in this way an alternative to the material intensive and the high carbon footprint that goes along with producing softseating in the regular way.

After exhibitions in Europe the time has come to explore New York. Radiolaria #1 was selected for the exhibition Ventura New York - The Dutch Edition. The exhibition is part of the NYCxDesign program taking place this week. So I will scope out some of the sustainable highlights for you during my takeover.

How do sustainability and transparency play a role in your work?

In my work I try to imitate nature and natural processes to seek to sustainable solutions. Nature is the best example of ultimate sustainability. In everything I do, I am completely transparent about how I came to the final result. I always give everyone a look into my production process and research.

How do you see the future?

Hopefully all designers, from fashion to product and architecture, will get inspired by the beauty and brilliance of nature to come up with new sustainable innovations. The solutions out of nature are limitless!

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I’m exploring what different structures found in nature can mean for sustainability in the construction industry and architecture. For example, how can you create multifunctional objects that help with soundabsorption.

With my way of working and knowledge I hope I can inspire and help companies to look at products and processes from a new perspective. Together with them I want to explore if we can optimize their way of designing or production based on ‘nature’s law’.

Thank you Lilian! Follow her on Instagram. In the next months we will have more Instagram takeovers, so follow us to get inspired!


First STOF Instagram takeover by Lilian van Daal

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