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Instagram takeover by Almamoun Benmira

Time for another Instagram takeover by a designer who is part of Taskforce Fashion 2019. A collaboration between State of Fashion, M-ODE (Amsterdam) and FASHIONCLASH (Maastricht). Get a look behind the scenes in their process towards the end result and the daily life of a designer. We offer you some inspiration and to show you how sustainability and theme of the rising (sea) water level is implemented in design and fashion.

Over the past four months, a multidisciplinary group of fashion makers, thinkers and dreamers has reflected on the rising (sea) water level. The fifteen fashion designers, both individually and in teams of five, have zoomed in on three cities in the Netherlands: Maastricht, Amsterdam and Arnhem. The first pilot of Taskforce Fashion - Fashion after Flood will be presented with an exhibition on 3 to 6 November at the Jan van Eyck Academy.

Almamoun Benmira will take over our Instagram the next coming days until 7th of November.

Benmira is fashion designer, artist and autodidact. He gets the inspiration for his artistic and unusual designs from his Moroccan roots and the most unexpected things he experiences during his life. In 2015 he began his own fashion label "Atelier Almamoun Benmira" and is now called studio AAB. Benmira is interested in starting a dialogue about social issues and creating awareness.

Can you tell us something about your end result for Taskforce Fashion?

It was important to me that certain groups should not be forgotten when there is a flood. I wanted to make this visible in an indirect way. I made a sash in the shape of an eye in Arabic calligraphy. According to Islam you are not allowed to depict people or animals. I wanted to challenge myself to communicate in a different way.

The scenario of the rising sea water levels forces us all to look in one direction, so we can come to a solution together. The end result of Taskforce is very different from what we expected, but as a team we have an interesting story to tell.

How does sustainability play a role in your work?

For me, sustainability means honesty. We can no longer bury our head in the sand. It is not a trend but a necessity. It is important to know and understand that we can contribute to society as individuals. Creating awareness through diversity and inclusiveness is also a form of sustainability. If not, it will come back, and bite you in the ass sooner or later.

What does your ideal future look like?

It was great to see that the participants of my Taskforce group were all so different. We worked together and listened to each other's stories. This has led to an interesting result. I would like it if we would work together more in the future instead of working against each other. Perhaps there will come a time when humans will only do a lot of good for each other, nature and animals. However, it remains difficult to believe.

Thanks Almamoun! Follow him on Instagram.


Instagram takeover by Almamoun Benmira

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