Saturday 25 June

Clothing Repair Day

Clothing Repair Day

Give your old clothes a new lease of life at the State of Fashion Clothing Repair day!

Saturday, the 25th of June, various sowing-experts from Arnhem are collaborating for the Clothing Repair Day. You can find them in Showroom Arnhem where they will gladly think along with you, and even assist you in repairing your old clothes.

A missing button or a broken seam shouldn't be a reason to throw out a piece of clothing. The sowing-experts will assist you in repairing small defects, or provide you with various upcycling ideas for those pieces that you just don't wear anymore.

And if you're really done with a particular piece of clothing, you can swap it out right away at the SWAP-event by Outfit Library Less!

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  • Saturday 25 June 10:00 – 17:00


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