Wednesday 8 June

Ilse Schoneveld: Demo Second Life Jewellery - Jewellery out of Cans

Second Life Jewelry is a jewelry line made from cans collected from public spaces in Arnhem. Visual artist Ilse Schoneveld has been annoyed for years by all the cans on the street and has found an interesting solution. Her work began as an awareness-raising project about the problem of litter, and in the meantime the product line with African-looking jewelry is developing further and further. The concept is based on urban mining, the mining of metal in the city. Second Life Jewelry contributes to a second life for a beverage can and a second chance for nature and the city: Her way of caring for environment and beauty. With great patience and craftsmanship, cans are cut into long thin strips, which are processed through an ingenious and labor-intensive turning process into colorful and tasteful jewelry. Attention to sustainability thus leads to something special. Second Life Jewelry shows what beautiful jewelry you can make from litter. Colorful jewelry, which is not directly traceable to the unexpected base material. During the State of Fashion there is a demonstration in which the viewer is taken into the production process. Some examples from the collection will be shown; other examples can be found in the Wardrobe. Curious? Come and watch the demonstration of Second Life Jewelry on June 8 between 14:00 and 17:00 in Rozet.

More information: Second Life Jewelry


  • Wednesday 8 June 14:00 – 17:00