Ticket: €2,50 (student free)

Saturday 18 June

Recovery Garden Workshop HUL LE KES

During this workshop Hul le Kes will tell you about dyeing processes and teach you about the Hul le Kes way of natural dyeing. Why is natural dyeing so interesting? What are its disadvantages? And how does it differ from chemical dyeing? Dyeing with plants has its own challenges, Hul le Kes will give you an introduction about these challenges and will change your perspective on color. At the end of this workshop you know about a few different kinds of plant-dyeing techniques for textiles and you have dyed your own piece of clothing.

Bring for this workshop:
-1 or 2 of your own garments, light in color (preferably white). The garment should be made from a natural, plant based, material such as cotton or linen. (Do not bring a garment made of animal-derived materials, this asks for a different kind of dyeing process. Polyester and nylon clothes will not absorb the pigments of plant dyes. Please pay attention to the material of your garment).
-your own snack/food

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  • Saturday 18 June 12:00 – 15:00


ticket: €2,50 (students free)


Steile Tuin Sonsbeek