Ticket: €2,50 (student free)

Saturday 11 June

Rianne Doller: Workshop Kick Ass Welcome Quilt

During the Kick Ass Welcome Quilts workshop, you can quilt a piece of the shared welcome quilt.

That way you can get a taste of the magical craft of quilting while doing something positive for someone else. You don't have to know how to quilt yet, because I will teach you that during the


By quilting with your own clothing you are ensuring that that fabric gets a second/third/ fourth life. The fabric remains part of the cycle of life and thus becomes part of the life of again other different people. You can use a quilt yourself, leave it to your descendants, or give it to someone who needs a boost.

Each quilt goes its own way with a piece of you in it. In the form of your clothing or of your contribution by quilting a piece. This along with the pieces that everyone else has contributed to the quilt. In this way you not only welcome someone into the world with the quilt, but you also create connection and community.

A quilt symbolizes a vibrant community where everyone has their role and contribution in their own color and unique creative expression. A quilt also tells the user that they may be there because of all the attention, love and time that is put into a quilt.

Will you come and quilt a piece with us?

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  • Saturday 11 June 12:00 – 14:00


Ticket €2.50 (student free)