ticket: €7,50

Thursday 7 July

Walkaboutery Who Made My Clothes?

Who Made My Clothes?

The Walkaboutery Who Made My Clothes? will explore the people and processes involved in making our clothes, taking some time to consider the garment workers who make our clothes, the conditions they work in, how they are valued and how we can demand an industry that is safe and fair. Through small actions, we can show we care. This ‘walk and talk’ will show how localised supply chains can make a difference and build local communities.

This Walkaboutery includes the Fashion Open Studio: Designers in Residence, and Promenade on Slow Street (amongst others)
Who Made My Clothes? tour lasts 1 hour.

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  • Thursday 7 July 16:00 – 17:00


ticket: €7,50


Audrey Hepburn Square