Friday 17 June

Wardrobe × Kledingbieb XL (by Outfit Library LESS)

Outfit Library LESS is a city wardrobe based in Arnhem where all women can enjoy an inclusive, guilt-free, body-positive alternative to shopping. Using a clothing library system with a prepaid borrowing credit members can borrow pieces rather than buying new. Alongside this, the founder Maria offers practical advice on caring for your clothes and a space to be free to be yourself. As she says “All of us need less of something in our lives. Less noise. Less bias. Less judgement. Less worries. Less clutter. Less stress. The sharing economy is a means to reach a balanced state of less.”

For State of Fashion 2022, Maria is sharing her clothing library expertise with us. As our resident Clothing Librarian she has selected vintage and second-hand gems which you can borrow, wear and love throughout the biennial. And if you truly fall in love, you can eventually buy them as well. Outfit Library LESS will also host two clothes swap events where you can swap clothes from your own wardrobe.

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  • Friday 17 June 10:00 – 22:00