Sunday 19 June - Monday 20 June

Whataboutery - Talks & coffee

The ‘Whataboutery’ is located at the Audrey Hepburn Square. The Listening Bench is the focal point for designers, artists, activists, curators and contributors to talk about their work and to be open to conversation, discussion.

The Whataboutery programme is a series of talks, discussions, intimate conversations and opportunities to interact with the artists taking part in State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring. What about making fashion more inclusive? What about making repairs accessible to all? What about the impact of the industry on our fragile ecosystems, or on the overworked, underpaid garment workers who are out of sight and out of mind? What about making more connections, mending our ways and our clothes? What about redesigning the industry along with our shopping streets? What about creating space for collaboration and co-creation? What about gender, race, the centuries of colonialism that have inflicted untold damage and destruction and continue to wreak havoc on indigenous communities and their land? What about joining the conversation. Be curious. Find out. Do something.

On 19 June: A Wardrobe for Arnhem: how do we repair, swap and share our clothes with Garcia Bello. Moderation by Theodoor Adriaans.

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  • Sunday 19 June 11:00 – Monday 20 June 12:30




Audrey Hepburn Square