Ticket: €2,50 (students free) + expo ticket

Friday 24 June

Workshop Building Futures of Difference

BARTALK is a multidisciplinary lecture/performance/storytelling series curated by James Parnell and Yun Lee. Since 2015, BARTALK has hosted events featuring presentations by guests in the fields of physics, philosophy, math, visual art, performance, movement, kink, music, poetry, radio, architecture, and design amongst others.

In many community organising spaces, there is an assumption that we hold the same politics, visions, and ideas. This assumption can lead to fractures and distrust within a team or community. This workshop invites you to build coalitions, and explore and honouring differences between and within unlikely partnerships through various exercises, new collaborators, and seeing how our differences can strengthen the projects we work on together.

More information: Workshop Building Futures of Difference


  • Friday 24 June 13:00 – 16:00


Ticket €2.50 (student free)


Eusebius church