ticket: €2,50 (student free) + ticket exhibition

Saturday 25 June

Workshop JOIN Collective Clothes

JOIN Collective Clothes an ongoing design and research project in which fashion is explored as a collective practice, focusing on designing and making clothes together. The essential tool of the project is an open source modular system that consists of four different shapes: top (J), sleeve, (O), trouser leg (I), or part of a skirt (N). Through this online open source and a workshop series, everyone is invited to design and make a single piece of a garment. The garment pieces made by all participants of the project, together create different outfits.

You are invited to assemble and disassemble all the garment pieces presented here and to explore the various garments that can be made with the pieces especially made for the exhibition through an online workshop. Create a garment by playfully joining pieces together, using the ribbons to connect. Please keep in mind that these JOIN pieces are made with care. Be careful while being the temporary designer and wearer.

More information: Workshop JOIN Collective Clothes


  • Saturday 25 June 10:30 – 16:30


Ticket: €2,50 (student free) + €12,50 (ticket exhibition)


Eusebius Church + Online