ticket: €2,50 (students free)

Sunday 26 June

Workshop Daan Kruijssen: Bioplastic Lab (kid&parent)

How cool is that: making your own hat or mask from bioplastic! Fun for you and good for nature.

Did you know that there is plastic that is not harmful to the environment? We call it 'bioplastic'. And did you know that you can make beautiful hats and masks from bioplastic? First you make a shape from clay; we call this the mould. Then you heat the plastic, which is then pressed over the mold. Would you like to do this? And would you like to learn something about technology and environmentally friendly plastic? Then sign up for the Bioplastic Lab. Product designer Daan Kruijssen will teach you how to make your hat or mask. You come up with your own mould and you can operate a cool machine under Daan's supervision. And of course we will talk about plastic waste and the environment.

More information: Daan Kruijssen


  • Sunday 26 June 12:00 – 14:00


Ticket: €2,50 (students free)