With the central theme Ways of Caring, this summer's State of Fashion fashion biennale will look for ways to make the fashion industry more sustainable and caring. With 7 programme parts, over 5 weeks more than 70 designers, artists and makers from all over the world and the public will work on the broken relationship between the production of fashion and the wearer. State of Fashion 2022 comprises 1 exhibition, 85 activities at 5 locations in the center of Arnhem, city of sustainable fashion. Every day the range of activities is different, interactive and created together by creators and visitors.  

More information on the 7 different programme parts:

Exhibition 'Fashion as Encounters
Promenade on Slow Street
Walkaboutery & Whataboutery series
Fashion Open Studio: designers in residence
Walk-in Wardrobes
Recovery Garden
International Fashion Conference: Ways of Caring - practicing solidarity

You can find all the activities in our agenda.

or find all the activities by location:

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