intervention 03: transition - an introduction


After two interventions, the stage has been set for fashion’s “deeply flawed definition”, and its ensuing inequalities and erasures (read more about this in Sandra Niessen’s longread for intervention 01). This third intervention, guest-edited by Warehouse | A Place for Clothes in Context, will focus on discussing what agency practitioners have to provide alternative, non-capitalist, non-industrial modes and frameworks for making, doing, seeing and experiencing fashion.
As today’s fashion industry and capitalism are inseparably intertwined, Warehouse believes that when addressing the fashion industry and searching for alternatives, it is important to depart from a distinction between the fashion industry and other forms of fashion:

“The fashion industry or industrial fashion is, we believe, just one of the many forms of fashion under the umbrella of a ‘fashion system.’ However, it is this capitalist form of fashion, which is one of exploitation, colonisation and pollution, that is by far the most dominant and damaging one. In regard to Transition, the theme of intervention #3, we strongly believe that we can’t fix this toxic fashion system with the same capitalist culture that has created it. Therefore, we decided to focus on and connect with several critical (fashion) practitioners who in their practice address and criticize the limits and enclosures of a capitalist fashion industry, but also show us ways and tools to opt out and create an alternative approach to fashion.”

As guest-editors of Intervention #3: Transition, Warehouse wrote and selected 3 co-authors for the longread. First up, Hanka van der Voet and Femke de Vries, co-founders of Warehouse with the 'Fashion against Capitalism'.


intervention 03: transition - an introduction