guest editor & moderator: Stephanie afrifa

Stephanie Afrifa

Stephanie Afrifa is a cultural innovator based in The Netherlands. She currently works as editor at large for Vogue Magazine and curates four pages of art, literature and culture in Glamour Magazine.

“I use my voice to amplify dope moments, movements and people. I find happiness in meaningful connections, thoughtful communication, critical thinking and creating safe spaces to catalyse change and build bridges.”


For this intervention Introspection, Stephanie Afrifa will moderate Whataboutery #1 ‘Regenerative Fashion: There can be no Other’. This first Whataboutery elaborates on the ideas and perspectives offered in Sandra Niessen’s latest work ‘Regenerative Fashion: There can be no Other. In this text, she explores what is needed for fashion to become truly sustainable. In a 90-minute long conversation led by moderator Stephanie Afrifa, the participants in this first Whataboutery build a bridge between Niessen’s intellectual framework and the state of fashion in different parts of the world.

Stephanie Afrifia will also produce a short documentary/triptych that gives a clear insight into the state of fashion in different parts of the world. Voices that are structurally silenced and erased tell their story and show us how fashion systems influence their work and livelihood. Some of them struggle to stick to authentic craftsmanship, while others find alternative ways to work while upgrading their surroundings. During the Whataboutery, Stephanie will share her motivation and story behind this work in progress.

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Photo: Aline Bouma


guest editor & moderator: Stephanie afrifa