Inspiration video: short doc 'Captivated by the forest'

How can forest ecology inspire the fashion industry?

Author Sandra Niessen mentions in herinterview with State of Fashion that our ways of being should be more like those of trees. That we can learn a lot from trees and the forest is something the indigenous people of America already know for a very long time. VPRO Tegenlicht portrayed professor forest ecology Robin Wall Kimmerer in the forest area where she is doing a research with her students. She has roots in the Potawatomi-tribe and combines her traditional origins with scientific methods to gain a better insight in the place we can take in the non-human world. She teaches her students to listen to what these life forms - which already have been living millions of years longer than us- are telling us.

Watch the short doc 'Captivated by the forest' on VPRO.


Inspiration video: short doc 'Captivated by the forest'