whataboutery 02: 'India’s decolonial approaches to land, labour, and the fashion industry'

rewatch - whataboutery 02 'India’s decolonial approaches to land, labour, and the fashion industry'

On Tuesday December 8th, State of Fashion organized her second online event Whataboutery 02 'India’s decolonial approaches to land, labour', and the fashion industry with guest editor Aditi Mayer. Guests from all over the world joined Aditi in an important and complex discussion with Indian decolonial leaders Dr. Vandana Shiva, Nishanth Chopra ( Oshadi Collective ) and Rupsi Garg ( Kheti Virisat Mission ). With the rise of farmer protests across India, the panelists provided the necessary context and history regarding other issues India has faced, from the impacts of colonization, the Green Revolution, and on-going attempts of privatization. Our relationship with earth, craft and each-other. 


"Those who have made a lot of money out of the mechanical mind and an extractive economy, can’t give up that habit very easily. In a way, it is like an addiction. For me colonization is the addiction. Looking for every opportunity to colonize more. Sharing in compassion is what is needed today for this de-addiction."
- Dr. Vandana Shiva

"For me a Charka is not just making yarn out of cotton. It’s a way of living. It tells you about your lifestyle. What values we inherit through Charka. The Charka keeps revolving and life is also revolving around it."
- Rupsi Garg

"It has to be about connecting. It should not be about helping, it’s an exchange it should be about collaborating and coming together with each other as one.”
- Nishanth Chopra

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This Whataboutery was the second out of four Whatabouteries, part of our online program 'This is an Intervention'. We will organize the upcoming Whataboutery in February 2021 with the theme: 'Transition'. You can already register for free by sending an e-mail to events@stateoffashion.org including your full name and mentioning 'Whataboutery' in the subject. Subscribe for our newsletter or follow our social media channels for more updates on the program and coming events!

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whataboutery 02: 'India’s decolonial approaches to land, labour, and the fashion industry'