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Are you participating in the State of Fashion Biennale?


Dear textile maker from Arnhem,
Arnhem is the city of sustainable fashion. In addition to the many Arnhem-based fashion designers, there are also sustainable sewing clubs, repair and upcycle caf├ęs where enthusiastic volunteers repair clothes or make them even more beautiful, or creators who manage to make new collections and products from waste material time and again. Arnhem has it all. And at the State of Fashion Biennale 2022, you can see all of this from 3 June. Fashion Open Studio and Bureau Ruimtekoers are now calling on Arnhemmers to join in!

Join State of Fashion!
Designers from all over the world come to the State of Fashion Biennale 2022 in Arnhem to share their sustainable fashion ideas, products and techniques with everyone. This will be within the theme Ways of Caring (read more about the theme here). The curators, international designers, the State of Fashion team and Bureau Ruimtekoers invite you to explore and visualize your alternatives to the fashion system with us. Care to join us?

Becoming part of a better future is easy.
There are many ways to join in: of course, you can visit us and actively participate in the many workshops at five locations around the city. But you can also do so by simply repairing your old clothes or wearing them in a new and meaningful way. Perhaps you are involved in repair initiatives, or in a sewing or knitting club? Or perhaps you are a fashion designer or tailor who is committed to slow fashion? There are programmes in various locations in the city centre. For example, at Rozet, Showroom Arnhem and at the Audrey Hepburnplein, where Arnhem-based makers are given a platform to show the world their talent, skills, techniques and ideas for slow fashion. You can participate in various ways and everyone has a chance to join in. You can do so in the following ways:

1. Organize workshops in Rozet or Showroom Arnhem with Fashion Open Studio
Would you like to organize a workshop? For example on how to make jewellery from waste materials? Or to share your sewing or embroidery technique? Let us know! In Rozet and Showroom Arnhem there is room for large and small workshops. Perhaps you will be giving your workshop side by side with international designers such as Duran Lantink, Cedric Mizero or Garcia Bello!

2. Exhibit your work in Rozet in the Walk in Wardrobes
Would you like to exhibit your work? Such as a garment that was discarded, but thanks to your designing skills has been given a completely new life? Let us know! In Rozet there is room for an exhibition. Perhaps your work will be shown alongside that of Soup Archive or Toton Januar!

3. Give a lecture, make a speech or present your ideas on the Audrey Hepburnplein
Do you have a brilliant idea for the textile makers of Arnhem? Do you wish to set up a platform? Meet new people who are also working with textiles to set up partnerships? Or just have a conversation with international designer Clara Chu? Let us know! At the Audrey Hepburnplein, we are hosting a podium on all kinds of sustainable fashion topics.

Yes! I would love to join!
Please register via doejemee@ruimtekoers.nl. Clearly state your name, telephone number and email address and share your idea before 15 April 2022.


Are you participating in the State of Fashion Biennale?