Image inspiration by Duran Lantink

CALL for all creative makers and students by designer Duran Lantink!

CALL for all creative makers and students: The Age of Consent workshop by designer Duran Lantink!

On June 2nd in the Openingsweekend of State of Fashion's Biennale 2022 | Ways of Caring, Dutch designer Duran Lantink presents The Age of Consent, a workshop bringing together many generations - from the young to the ‘Original Gangsters’.

This workshop takes place in a care home for old people in Arnhem, inviting students and local makers to reconstruct second-hand garments together with the local elderly residents. Domestic sewing machines and other hand sewing and making equipment will be provided and the workshop will be livestreamed and broadcast at Showroom in Arnhem.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy making outfits together and sharing knowledge which can be often lost in generational divides.

The results of the workshop will be presented by Duran and the team on June 3rd, this will culminate in a 'salsa' dancing daytime party where the residents of the elderly home will be invited to dress up and dance, eat, drink and celebrate creativity and life together. This session will be registered as well and a compilation of both days will be broadcast at Showroom during the rest of the biennale.

We are looking for (art) students from different specialties who would love to work with Duran Lantink and have affinity for disruptive and groundbreaking fashion events;
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Thursday 2 June
09:30-12:30, The Age of Consent workshop
13:30-16:00, The Age of Consent afternoon workshop


CALL for all creative makers and students by designer Duran Lantink!