The Future of Living Materials travels on

New textiles now on show in Wageningen

To celebrate its 100-year anniversary, Wageningen University & Research is showing the exhibition ‘Fashioning the Future’ until October 12th. On their campus building Imulse, and on other locations in Wageningen (NL), the educational institute shows that a sustainable future is closer than we think.

The exhibition shows, amongst other projects, the intermediary results of the research ‘The Future of Living Materials’ by ArtEZ University of the Arts and Wageningen University & Research. This project was one of the highlights of State of Fashion in Arnhem and gives you a sneak peek into the wardrobe of the future. Expect new materials made of pineapple and mushrooms, and textiles colored with residue ink and bacteria.

A very special object on show is the look made especially for Louise Fresco, the chairman of the Wageningen University & Research executive board. For the opening of WUR’s academic year, designers Elsien Gringhuis, Aliki van der Kruijs, Luc Aarts, Iris Houthoff and Ilfa Siebenhaar teamed up to create a 100% circular outfit for her. Curious about the proces? Check this video.

More information about Fashion the Future:


Photo: Wageningen University & Research


The Future of Living Materials travels on

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