Volunteers Vacancy

Volunteer Vacancy

Will you be one of our volunteers welcoming visitors to the international exhibition, exciting interventions and interesting workshops?

Sign up now as a volunteer for State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring.

Help to make State of Fashion 2022 a success in Arnhem. State of Fashion is an international fashion event that focuses entirely on a more sustainable and fairer fashion system. As a volunteer you will man an information and ticket desk or receive visitors at the exhibition in the Eusebius Church or at one of the five locations in the city where activities will take place. For example, there will be a clothing exhibition in Rozet and a Recovery Garden (in the Steep Garden of Park Sonsbeek - a collaboration with designer Sjaak Hullekes in which local crops are researched that can be used to dye clothing). Important parts of State of Fashion are interactions with the public in the form of lectures, workshops and activities, in which volunteers will play an active role. For some tasks we will organise training for the volunteers.

Who are you?
As a volunteer of State of Fashion you receive the visitors of the exhibition hospitably and you provide practical information. As a public attendant you are the business card and the first point of contact for the public. That is why you have to be at least 18 years old and have a good command of the Dutch language and/or English. You don't have to know anything about fashion, but it is important that you delve into the story that State of Fashion and the curators want to tell: the importance of breaking through the current unsustainable fashion system and the invitation to look at fashion in a different way.

You would like to contribute to this and make a positive contribution. We work with an online schedule, in consultation we see what fits for you.

We offer you:
You will be part of a large group of enthusiastic volunteers, supervised by a volunteer coordinator. To properly inform and inspire you, we will meet you in advance and organise an information meeting with the curators. During State of Fashion we will keep you informed with newsletters and we will organise an exclusive preview for volunteers before the opening!

We think it is important to take good care of you, that is why lunch and coffee/tea are arranged by us. We start the day together and during your shift there will always be someone you can ask questions from.

State of Fashion 2022 | Ways of Caring will take place from 3 June to 10 July at various locations in the centre of Arnhem.

Are you interested?
Register via this link to the registration form.

Do you have any questions?
See this link for answers to frequently asked questions about State of Fashion 2022 and the content of the volunteer work.

For further questions, please contact volunteer coordinator Carolijn Wessels by e-mail: vrijwilligers@stateoffashion.org or by telephone: 06-52 68 57 48.


Volunteers Vacancy