Barrie Hullegie (Director), Glamcult Studio (art direction).

Osklen, VIN + OMI and Minister van Engelshoven kick off State of Fashion 2018

VIN + OMI added to main exhibition

On 31 May, eco-luxury pioneers Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen) and VIN of VIN + OMI, together with Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven, will kick off State of Fashion 2018 | searching for the new luxury.

Metsavaht, initiator and designer of Osklen, is world-renowned for his role as environmentalist and leader of the sustainability movement. His vision of a new luxury in the high-end fashion segment made Osklen one of the most iconic luxury fashion brands in Brazil.

VIN is part of the internationally acclaimed fashion and multimedia designer duo VIN + OMI. This illustrious duo from London is rising to fame with their innovative and super luxurious materials, made from recycled plastic. Recently they designed outfits for pop icon Debby Harry of the band Blondie to wear during her tour. VIN + OMI also present their ‘war on plastics’ in the exhibition of State of Fashion.

Oskar Metsavaht and VIN are leading examples of a new movement of designers that envision a more sustainable future. Together with them, about 50 other visionaries and fashion pioneers, and an expected 25.000 visitors, State of Fashion searches for new definitions of the term ‘luxury’. Metsavaht is also one of the key note speakers on 31 May during the Fashion Colloquium, that ArtEZ University of the Arts organizes together with State of Fashion.

As the theme searching for the new luxury evokes both questions and ideas, State of Fashion organises a Whataboutery every Friday: an evening during which international speakers and the audience can enter into a constructive debate. The first Whataboutery has the theme #agency. In collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund and the Han Nefkens Foundation, designers share new perspectives on the current fashion system. An excellent opportunity to meet ground-breaking designers such as Rafael Kouto, Matti Liimatainen, Button Massala and Elisa van Joolen. The evening will be moderated by podcaster Kestrel Jenkins of the American fashion platform Conscious Chatter. Jenkins is invited as part of the International Visitors Programma of The New Institute.

For visitors who want to combine a visit to the exhibition and participation in the Whataboutery, Dudok catering group offers healthy and responsible dining options at a Dudok pop-up in De Melkfabriek.

Watch the State of Fashion 2018 statement film


Osklen, VIN + OMI and Minister van Engelshoven kick off State of Fashion 2018

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