Taskforce Fashion’s Fashion after Flood featured on Dutch TV

Fashion after Flood in documentary series Tegenlicht

The fifteen fashion designers that are currently involved in Fashion after Flood, the first activity of Dutch fashion coalition Taskforce Fashion, were featured in last night’s episode of Tegenlicht, a documentary series bij Dutch broadcaster VPRO. The episode features Eric-Jan Pleijster, partner and co-founder of Lola Landscape Architects, following their speculative research project on the Netherlands in 2200.

Taskforce Fashion explores which role fashion can play in working on or creating awareness of social issues through various activities. The first joint event is Fashion After Flood, in which 15 fashion designers are challenged, through workshops and field trips, to reflect on a current urgent topic: the rising (sea) water level.

Tegenlicht joined Taskforce Fashion’s kick-off event on 18 June, during We Make M-ODE in Amsterdam. Pleijster joined the fifteen designers in a conversation about the future of the Netherland in the light of rising waterlevels. Watch the full episode here. After this event, the designers split up in three groups. Each group focuses researches the possible role of fashion to the backdrop of the local context of either Amsterdam, Arnhem or Maatstricht. Team Arnhem visited Arnhem on 3 and 4 September for two days of field research. They met amongst others with team members of water authority Rijn & IJssel, the curator Oceans of Burgers’ Zoo, the coordinator of The Linen Project, designer Alicia Minnaard, and with artist Hans Jungerius.

On 3 November all teams will present their findings in an event and exhibition in Maastricht during the FASHIONCLASH festival. Interested in joining? Please contact us through info@stateoffashion.org.

Meer informatie: www.taskforcefashion.nl

Taskforce Fashion is an initiative of FASHIONCLASH, M-ODE and State of Fashion commissioned by the Creative Industry Fund. Fashion after Flood is realized with the support of the municipality Maastricht, the municipality Arnhem, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, and many others.


Taskforce Fashion’s Fashion after Flood featured on Dutch TV