Foto: Peter Stigter

Whataboutery 10: #IMAGINATION in Munich

With guest speakers Peter Leferink and Johannes Offerhaus

Following editions in Arnhem (NL) and Berlin (DE), State of Fashion hosted her tenth Whataboutery meet-up in Munich during Greenstyle MUC. Each Whataboutery is based on one of the hashtags of our manifesto. In Munich, we focused on #IMAGINATION.

What will fashion of the future be made of? New materials made from algae, fruit residue, and other natural materials may still seem as something futuristic to us. But a new generation of designers is already showing us how cross-disciplinary collaborations, merging science and fashion, can lead to new shapes and functions. These designers also make us question the skills the designer of the future might need. Will the next ‘star-designer’ be a couturier, a scientist or a smart hybrid? State of Fashion’s Renee van der Hoek spoke to Johannes Offerhaus (fashion designer), Peter Leferink (founder & director M-ODE Foundation) and an audience of students and professionals about talent, skills, and the role education plays in changing the fashion system for the better.

Peter Leferink

Together with partner Iris Ruisch, Peter Leferink runs M-ODE, a foundation that works together with fashion designers, developers and entrepreneurs to create responsible and resilient enterprises, products and movements.


Johannes Offerhaus
Berlin-based designer Johannes Offerhaus graduated cum laude from ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem in 2016. Offerhaus since then has been working on the borders of fashion, art and technology, and tends to classify himself as ‘somewhere between a designer and a engineer’.


Photo: Johannes Offerhaus during M-ODE masterclass. Image: Peter Stigter


Whataboutery 10: #IMAGINATION in Munich

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