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Together with ArtEZ, Museum Arnhem, Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem, State of Fashion created the Arnhem Fashion Coalition. The partners in the coalition work closely together to raise awareness about the current challenges in the fashion system and to bring about actual change. We do this by developing a social agenda together, by joining forces where possible, and by working together to build a strong local and regional network. In this way, the Arnhem Fashion Coalition actively contributes to a world in which fashion has a positive impact on social, cultural, economic and ecological development.


In 2018 State of Fashion joined forces with fashion platforms FASHIONCLASH and M-ODE for Taskforce Fashion, commissioned by the Creative Industries Fund NL. In co-creation with Dutch fashion talent and in dialogue with other industries and sectors, we investigate the transformative role of fashion in relation to social challenges. The first pilot - Fashion after Flood - was financially supported by, among others, the municipalities of Arnhem, Amsterdam and Maastricht, and Waternet and the Rijn & IJssel water board. In 2020 we started a second experiment, Residency for Responsible Fashion, in collaboration with the municipalities of Maastricht, Rotterdam and Tilburg.
State of Fashion is the secretary of this fashion coalition.

More information: Taskforcefashion.nl


At the opening of State of Fashion 2018, Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid Van Engelshoven announced that she wants to give an impulse to Dutch fashion by starting a (pilot) fashion program that connects initiatives and increases the cultural power of fashion in society. The kick-off of this fashion program took place in Arnhem in February 2020. Since this moment, various fashion parties in the Netherlands have been working on a joint activity program, on a mapping of Dutch fashion and on a joint narrative. State of Fashion is the secretary of the program. We work closely together with Waag Textile Lab and MAFB, who are in charge of process management. Together with M-ODE, FashionClash and MAFB, we are also an active part of the Activities Work Group.

More information: Culture.fashion

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State of Fashion | Events (2018), Glamcult Studio.