Fashion as Encounters

In the exhibition Fashion as Encounters, co-curators NOT____ENOUGH Collective invites the audience to actively redefine the meanings of fashion. Dominant views on being, making, and valuing are challenged within the industrial fashion system, making space for untold stories, unseen feelings and existing knowledges that have been historically erased. 

However, also this story will never be complete: there will always be missing content. The active engagement of the visitors will make the exhibition come alive and grow. Besides existing works of guests selected by NOT____ENOUGH Collective, new collective work per theme will be presented, especially co-created for the exhibition through an open-call.

NOT____ENOUGH collective consists of Andrea Chehade Barroux, Mari Cortez and Marina Sasseron de Oliveira Cabral, three South American women based in the Netherlands. With their work, they want to transform the dynamics of oppressors and oppressed imposed by inherited colonial structures. From a personal to a systemic sphere, they collectively exercise non-colonial practices. Their aim is to take up the challenge of forming a plural world together and to initiate change within fashion, design and education.

Amy Suo Wu (China / Australia, based in the Netherlands)
Cholita Chic (Chili)
Dorian Ulises López Macías (Mexico)
Fundación Amor Real (Colombia) 
Gustavo Cabocco nad Lucilene Wapichana (Brazil)
Molly Vaughan (USA)
Najla Said  (Egypt, based in Germany)
River Claure (Bolivia)

Eunice Pais (Portugal)
Anabel Poh Zhi Ru (Singapore, based in the Netherlands)
Tra My Nguyen (Vietnam, based in Germany)
Widi Asari & Riyadhus Shalihin (Indonesië)
Santiago Útima (Colombia)
Siviwe James  (South-Africa)
Danayi Madondo (Zimbabwe)
Ateliê Vivo (Ana Carolina Cherubini, Andrea Guerra Arradi, Flavia Lobo de Felicio, Gabriela Cherubini) (Brazil)
Wei-Chi Su (Taiwan, based in the Netherlands)

Woman Cave (France) — https://womancave.hotglue.me
Inti-mates (the Netherlands)
Yun Lee and James Parnell (the Netherlands)
JOIN Collective Clothes (the Nethererlands)
ArtEZ Generation 31 (the Nethererlands)