Workshop: Inti-mates - 18 June

Inti-mates by Circus Andersom & Denise Bernts

18 June 11.30-16.30
Location: the Eusebius Church
Ticket:2,50 +12,50 (ticket exhibition)

The workshop is without lunch, there will be breaks so you can grab something nearby or eat the sandwich you brought with you. Because the workshop will be held in the middle of the exhibition we ask you to bring as little as possible. There are lockers available for your valuables. You can of course bring a bottle of water and your phone. We’re looking forward to meet you! 

Inti-mates is a collaboration between the unifying disruptive organisation Circus Andersom and graphic designer and fashion researcher Denise Bernts. They have joined forces from the shared common ground and urgency to perform artistic research on the relationship ‘women’ have with their own bodies.

In the Inti-mates workshop, Circus Andersom & Denise Bernts unravel the layers of the female underwear to invite you to reclaim and explore intimacy with your own body. Through embodied exercises, sharing experiences, disruption and recreation, they transform existing underwear into a medium for self-care and appreciation. For this workshop, they invite you to dive into your underwear drawer and pick out your least favourite piece of (bottom) underwear and bring it to the workshop.

Your work will become part of the exhibition – let’s fill in the missing content together!

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Workshop: Inti-mates - 18 June