Haus Of Stone, mugadheni, 2020, Masimba Tinashe Madondo

Danayi Madondo

Danayi Madondo, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1986.

Danayi Madondo is a creative entrepreneur, fashion designer, art director and visual storyteller from Zimbabwe. She utilizes fashion as a way to tell contemporary Zimbabwean narratives and the intuitive and intimacy practice of creating with the divine.

EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds, 2021.

The exhibited pieces engage with Madondo’s creative process through experimentation and exploration with macrame whilst researching the beauty and meaning of the ‘unfinished’. The short film EXODUS: A Journey to New Worlds explores ideas around migration, movement, our need as humans to move or escape our present-day circumstance.


Danayi Madondo