Gustavo Caboco and Lucilene Wapichana

Gustavo Caboco, Curitiba, ParanĂ¡ (1989) and Lucile

Gustavo Caboco is a visual artist that through drawing, text, embroidery and sound, works with ways of dialoguing with his contemporary Wapichana identity and the preservation of the memory of his native culture. Gustavo works with his mother Lucilene Wapichana from the Canauanim indigenous territory.

Ela me visitou, 2021.

Ela me visitou is an installation based on knowledge that Gustavo's grandmother passed on to his mother through dreams. The work compasses the field of memory, cotton medicine, encounters between cotton flower and industrial cotton thread and the multiplication of indigenous voices.


Gustavo Caboco and Lucilene Wapichana