Molly Jae Vaughan

Molly Jae Vaughan, London, United Kingdom, 1977.

Molly Jae Vaughan is an artist and teacher working in the intersection of art and fashion to create social visibility to all forms of oppression that intersectional identities are subjected to.

Project 42, 2012 - present

Project 42 raises visibility on the violence that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, particularly trans women of colour, face in contemporary American society. Making garments and designing prints becomes collaborative actions of memorialising tragic deaths while honouring the many layers of the victim's life. This becomes visible in the prints created from Google map locations of the tragic murder, whilst the garments celebrate their personal style. The garments seen here memorialise Gwen Amber Rose Araju, Brenting Dolliole and Tyra Trent. With the project, she aims to transform ways of relating with violence and collective awareness in society.


Molly Jae Vaughan