Transforming Narratives

TRANSFORMING NARRATIVES is a place to encounter the untold stories, unseen bodies and existing beauties that have been historically erased. For decades, fashion has been promoting aesthetic standards based on dominant discourses. Therefore, this encounter looks into our social structures, to question the Eurocentric beauty ideals that have often exoticized other's identities. To transform social narratives, it is essential to make practices visible in which the body is reclaimed as a territory of resistance. Here, you are invited to challenge the notions of gender, identity and vulnerability. Feel free to engage with transformative narratives.

New Work

Eunice Pais, Anabel Poh and Tra My Nguyen.

Amidst the threads, our names become., 2022.

Eunice Pais, Anabel Poh and Tra My Nguyen met after being selected through an open call to collectively co-create commissioned work specifically for Transforming Narratives. During 4 months of co-creation, the group began its work from a common ground: their diaspora perspective. They focus on reclaiming women's narratives, identities and memories through speculative narratives. For more information about the co-creators, check their biographies in their personal works displayed around the exhibition.

Connecting different diasporic perspectives, the interdisciplinary installation reveals the emotional, cultural, and feminist labour behind garments and textiles. Within the installation, the structure reclaims space with textiles informing the displaced identities. The deconstructed fabrics infer the creation of space through fragmentation, moving imagery narrates memories, and the photos envisage the hereafter. The work engages the plurality of existence and possibilities - not as a singular thread, but rather the ever-intertwined dynamics of understanding the past, participating in the present, co-creating equitable futures.


Transforming Narratives