Location: Luxor Live

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LOVE.JOY.NOW was the theme of the opening night party on 2 June (20:00-02:00) curated by artist and designer Bas Kosters. Bas was invited by State of Fashion and the curatorial teams of NOT____ENOUGH collective and Fashion Open Studio to embody this year’s theme in a festive and joyful way. Visitors were invited to play and connect on a lighthearted and upbeat disco party. Inclusivity, consciousness and individuality are key; so let’s spend the night together.

LOVE is about being open and perceptive to yourself and others around you, and the world we live in, give each other the attention we deserve. JOY is what I think we need right, and is an ongoing research project of the Bas Kosters studio. NOW is the invitation to be in the moment together, let your guard down and enjoy.

Donderdag 2 June 20:00-02:00
Luxor Live, grote zaal
Tickets 7,50 (ticket student) / 12,50 (normal)

Bas Kosters / Doppelgang / Eljany / Shirley Macholina / VJ Alex Kaseta / Kiri Mioki (Live) / Jesse Bell
+ More performances!

LOVE.JOY.NOW is the spectacular opening night party of State of Fashion, FDFA and Arnhem Juni Modemaand.