Location: starting point Audrey Hepburn Square

There will be regular Walkaboutery tours designed to help explore the environmental, social and emotional impact of our clothes, departing from the Listening Bench at Audrey Hepburn Plein on Thursdays and Saturdays. Dates can differ, please have a look in our agenda.

For Ways of Caring, this is an open space for visitors and the local community to talk about their own relationships with their clothes, and how they might change the way they shop, think about the clothes they already own, how to make them last longer, discover ways to care for their clothes, tips to repair them, different ways to rent, swap, and share what is already in our wardrobes. This is where we hope to spark and nurture new ways of behaving and interacting with the clothes we wear.

We invite you to take part, listen to the talks, share your views. We are providing a facility to make your own podcast, taking inspiration from what you discover at the Biennale and the people you meet.

Why not book an appointment to have a one-to-one session with an expert or practitioner to talk about your own wardrobe, how you might like to change the way you shop, or ask for advice on how to repair a hem, sew on a button, make more of the clothes you already own, and reduce the impact of your own fashion habits? You can find the experts at the community mapping.

There will be three walking talks, each with a different theme and call to action.

You can also book a Walkaboutery. The price is €100,00 for a group with maximum of 20 people. If you would like to book a Walkaboutery, please get in touch with Petra Smits, coordinator of the tours, psmits@stateoffashion.org

Would you like to receive a tour through the exhibition Fashion as Encounters?
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Who Made My Clothes?

Duran Lantink

Who Made My Clothes? will explore the people and processes involved in making our clothes, taking some time to consider the garment workers who make our clothes, the conditions they work in, how they are valued and how we can demand an industry that is safe and fair. Through small actions, we can show we care. This ‘walk and talk’ will show how localised supply chains can make a difference and build local communities.

This Walkaboutery includes the Fashion Open Studio: Designers in Residence, and Promenade on Slow Street (amongst others)
Who Made My Clothes? tour lasts 1 hour.

9 June 16:00-17:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
18 June 13:30-14:30, €7,50, Book your ticket
2 July 13:30-14:30, €7,50, Book your ticket
7 July 16:00-17:00, €7,50, Book your ticket

What’s in My Clothes?

What’s in My Clothes? will take you on a journey to discover more about the materials and chemicals in our clothes, the synthetic materials that shed microplastics as we wash them, the choices industry can make to reduce pollution, and how we as citizens can help to hold the brands and policy makers to account.

This Walkaboutery includes the Walk in Wardrobes and the Recovery Garden (amongst others).
What's in My Clothes? tour lasts 1,5 hours

3 June 11:30-13:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
11 June 13:30-15:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
25 June 13:30-15:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
9 July 13:30-15:00, €7,50 Book your tickets

Loved Clothes Last

Clara Chu, work 2021, photo by Clara Chu

Loved Clothes Last is designed to show the multitude of ways we can extend the life of our clothes, and ultimately slow down our own consumption patterns and behaviour. We can each make changes to the way we buy clothes, how we look after them, repair them and care for them so that every item of clothing is cherished and ultimately, the industry is held to account so stop the unsustainable and exponential growth that puts profit above the planet’s precious resources.

This Walkaboutery includes a visit to a Repair shop and the Promenade on slow street (amongst others).
Loved Clothes Last tour lasts 1 hour.

4 June 13:30-14:30, €7,50, Book your ticket
16 June 16:00-17:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
23 June 16:00-17:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
30 June 16:00-17:00, €7,50, Book your ticket
8 July 14:30-15:30, €7,50, Book your ticket


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