House rules State of Fashion

1. No alcohol will be served to persons under the age of 18. Spirits and strong liquors are not available at the event. Bringing your own beverages is not allowed.

2. Instructions from employees and volunteers of State of Fashion must be followed at all times.

3. In case of aggression in tone or attitude, access will be denied.

4. We expect a tolerant and positive attitude from our visitors towards all the different races, sexes, religions and cultures that are present during the event. The organisation strives for an atmosphere in which it is possible for everyone to enjoy the event in his or her own way.

5. We ask you to warn our staff when you see that someone has become unwell. We can then ensure that first aid is provided.

6. We ask you to warn our staff when you notice problems or misbehaviour with other visitors. Never intervene yourself.

7. Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied access.

8. Behaviour that is perceived as annoying, threatening, intimidating or undesirably by other visitors will result in a warning and – if persistent – with removal.

9. Violent acts and theft will be reported to the police.

10. It is not allowed to take in food or drinks from the outside.

11. Blunt, stabbing or firearms are forbidden and – if encountered – will be confiscated by security personnel and handed over to the police.

12. During State of Fashion, photo and/or video material is recorded for promotional purposes (website, social media, etc.). Anyone who visits State of Fashion agrees to these recordings and the publication of the resulting material.

13. The organisation expressly excludes liability for any form of personal and/or material damage that you as a visitor may incur during your visit.