Saturday 21 July

Closing weekend: Clothes swap & sustainable styling advice

Clothes swap and free workshops during the State of Fashion Closing weekend

You probably still have some clothing in your wardrobe that you never wear anymore. Shame, right? By not throwing them out, but making someone else happy with them, you are contributing to a circular economy. Without having to use your wallet, you can not only come over to shop, but you can also give your clothing a second life. This clothes swap is in collaboration with 2Switch Arnhem.

Have you found your perfect garment? Have yourself styled by ‘Indiaan in je kast’ Chiara Spruit. She will give you personal styling advice on how to dress sustainable and fashionable at the same time. The workshops take place between 11:00 and 12:30 and between 15:00 and 16:30. You don’t have to sign up for the workshops, but there are limited spots available, so be on time.

Swap left-over clothing items from your closet with others and join free workshops during State of Fashion's Closing weekend!

Hoe werkt het kledingruilen?

Participating in the clothes swap is completely free of charge. Take a minimum of 3 items and a maximum of 7 items along. Hand in these items when you get in. The people at the front desk will take all the items from you and check them out. Then your clothing will enter the market. Inchange for your garments, you will receive a number of buttons. They are your tokens to select something cool at the market.

Accessories = worth 1 button
Garments = worth 2 buttons
Shoes & jackets = worth 3 buttons

Have you found something you like?
Hand in your buttons at ‘the register’ and you’re all set to take your items home.

Clothing needs to be clean and undamaged. Kind of clothing: Anything from clothing, shoes and jewels to accessories like hats, scarfs, belts and bags!

On Saturday 21 July and Sunday 22 July, the State of Fashion Closing Weekend will take place. Our quest for the new luxury is coming to a conclusion. With this packed program we are closing off seven weeks of expos and events in Arnhem with a bang.


  • Saturday 21 July 11:00 – 19:00


Saturday 21 July | 11:00 – 19:00 | Whataboutery, De Melkfabriek, Nieuwe Kade 1, 6827 AA Arnhem | Tickets for the expo are available online or at the door, tickets are €7,50 for anyone during the entire weekend. Free entrance for just the clothing swap and the workshop in the Whataboutery space.


Main location State of Fashion 2018 (De Melkfabriek, Nieuwe Kade 1, 6827 AA Arnhem) | Location: Whataboutery

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