Friday 8 June

Whataboutery 2: Between sensing and making sense

Powered by Crafting Wearables

During State of Fashion, a presentation, debate or talk is organised every Friday in our event space: The Whataboutery. How can we come up with solutions for the sustainability issue that is so urgent in the fashion industry? Like the exhibition, the discussions in the Whataboutery are part of the search for the new luxury. You as a visitor are cordially invited to think along critically, ask questions, and have a conversation with our special guests.

What are the challenges and opportunities of integrating electronics and interactivity into textiles? On 8 June, the team of Crafting Wearables is invited to the Whataboutery. Crafting Wearables is a multidisciplinary research programme that focuses on the role and significance of technology in the current and future world of fashion. Pauline van Dongen (designer and researcher), Lianne Toussaint (PHD student at Radboud University) and Anneke Smelik (Professor Visual Culture at Radboud University) share the results of their research and their vision on fashion. How can we give technology a soft character, so it may be worn on the body? Can technology contribute to a new idea of aesthetics?

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

The Crafting Wearables research programme is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research and encompasses an interdisciplinary collaboration between Radboud University Nijmegen, Eindhoven University of Technoly, ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem and various private and public partners, including Philips Research, Modint, and the Textile Lab of the Textile Museum Tilburg.

Combining a visit to the exhibition with participation in the Whataboutery? Then you can have a healthy and responsible dinner at Dudok in De Melkfabriek on Friday evening.


  • Friday 8 June 19:30 – 22:00


Tickets are available online or at the door. Entrance fees: € 7.50 regular € 5.00 combined ticket with entrance ticket exhibition State of Fashion | € 3.00 student |Buy a Whataboutery Special ticket for € 20, - this includes a vegetarian main course that is served every Friday evening from 6 pm at Dudok in De Melkfabriek.


Main location State of Fashion 2018 (Nieuwe Kade 1, 6827 AA Arnhem) | Het ketelhuis

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