Karin Vlug

Friday 15 June

Whataboutery 3: (No) thing to wear

Powerd by Ontwerpplatform Arnhem

During State of Fashion, a presentation, debate or talk is organised every Friday in our event space: The Whataboutery. How can we come up with solutions for the sustainability issue that is so urgent in the fashion industry? Like the exhibition, the discussions in the Whataboutery are part of the search for the new luxury. You as a visitor are cordially invited to think along critically, ask questions, and have a conversation with our special guests.

Over the past 20 years, the succession of trends and fashion collections has accelerated enormously. With the arrival of fast fashion, clothing has become a disposable item in the eyes of many consumers. Statistics show that before an item of clothing is discarded it has been worn 36% less than 15 years ago. How can we consume fashion more consciously? How much do we really need? This evening delves into this question with the help of three innovative designers form Arnhem.

Elsien Gringhuis
Fashion designer Elsien Gringhuis follows her own rhythm: her label embodies a continuous collection and garments are delivered as long as the fabric is available. All garments are produced in the Netherlands and made to order. How can a timeless collection contribute to a more sustainable fashion system?

Sjaak Hullekes
Fashion designer Sjaak Hullekes launches a new label in order to give garments a longer life cycle.. Made from antiques or left-overs from the fashion industry, and produced in his own workshop in Arnhem with a unique passport, the garments can be returned after use, after which they are reused as the basis for a new item. Can cherishing clothing constitute a new antidote against fast fashion?

Karin Vlug
Fashion designer Karin Vlug won the Frans Molenaar Couture Award in 2014 with her collection One Square Fits All. Since then, she has been researching and developing innovative production methods to make the fashion industry more sustainable, including an endless wardrobe with the DIY collection COLLECT, and 3D printed clothing without left-over material or complicated handwork. Does Smart Fashion Production have the future?

Combining a visit to the exhibition with participation in the Whataboutery? Then you can have a healthy and responsible dinner at Dudok in De Melkfabriek on Friday evening.


  • Friday 15 June 19:30 – 22:00


Tickets are available online or at the door. Entrance fees: € 7.50 regular € 5.00 combined ticket with entrance ticket exhibition State of Fashion | € 3.00 student |Buy a Whataboutery Special ticket for € 20, - this includes a vegetarian main course that is served every Friday evening from 6 pm at Dudok in De Melkfabriek.


Main location State of Fashion 2018 (Nieuwe Kade 1, 6827 AA Arnhem) | Het ketelhuis

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