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Friday 6 July

Whataboutery 6: What is fair?


During State of Fashion, presentations, debates and talks take place in our event space the Whataboutery. How can we find solutions for the sustainability issue weighing on the fashion world? Just like the exhibition, this discussion is part of the search for the new luxury. You are cordially invited to brainstorm, ask questions and debate with our extraordinary guests.

Whataboutery 6: What is fair?
Who decides what’s fair and how do world citizens get on the same page concerning the basics? What part does the consumer play, or the industry or the governments? And what have initiatives and concepts like Mud Jeans and the C&A Foundation achieved in their aim to transform fashion into a sustainable and fairtrade industry? During this whataboutery night, Dieuwertje de Wagenaar will join in a debate with Marieke Eyskoot, Jan Joustra, Roosmarie Ruigrok and Bert van Son.

Friday July 6

whataboutery 6: what is fair?


Who decides what’s fair and how do world citizens get on the same page concerning the basics?

Marieke Eyskoot, sustainable fashion and lifestyle expert, speaker and presenter
She is the co-founder of international fair fashion tradeshow MINT she introduced numerous ethical labels to the Benelux. She wrote the first Dutch guide to fair fashion, 'Talking Dress', and travelled around the world as part of the Clean Clothes Campaign. For many media, she is the go-to person when it comes to commenting on developments in sustainable fashion and lifestyle, and is regularly recognised for her influence in these fields.

Douwe Jan Joustra, head of circular transformation C&A Foundation

As the head of circular transformation at C&A Foundation, Douwe Jan is an expert in the field of circular and sustainable economy. He is convinced that the circular economy is a powerful instrument for change. The C&A Foundation was founded in 2011 by C&A. It focuses mainly on setting up and supporting initiatives aimed at transforming the fashion industry into a more sustainable industry like the Fashion Revolution. http://www.candafoundation.org/

Roosmarie Ruigrok, coordinator Fashion Revolution Nederland
In 2007, Roosmarie launched Clean and Unique, a foundation that helps small brands and fashion startups come up with sustainable solutions. She is also the coordinator for the Dutch department of Fashion Revolution. This worldwide movement fights for more transparency and more social and ecological sustainability within the fashion industry. With the hashtag-campaign #whomademyclothes, Fashion Revolution Week encourages millions of consumers to ask fashion brands ‘who made my clothes’ and to demand more transparency in the production chains.

Bert van Son, CEO Lease A Jeans
At the age of 23, Bert van Son moved to China to find a job in the textile industry. In China, he witnessed the impact of the fast fashion industry on factory employees. He saw how the immense workload leads to health problems and security risks. Van Son knew that there must be an alternative. As a possible contribution to this solution, he launched the Lease A Jeans concept, an innovative path to guilt-free consumption, based on the principles of the circular economy.


  • Friday 6 July 19:30 – 22:00


Tickets are available online or at the door. Entrance fees: € 7.50 regular € 5.00 combined ticket with entrance ticket exhibition State of Fashion | € 3.00 student |Buy a Whataboutery Special ticket for € 20, - this includes a vegetarian main course that is served every Friday evening from 6 pm at Dudok in De Melkfabriek. | Main language: Dutch


Main location State of Fashion 2018 (Nieuwe Kade 1, 6827 AA Arnhem)

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